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We provide differentiated one-stop service
from raw material development to finished product.

CMO Business and Production Equipment

Richwood is a KGMP certified company with the goal of creating value in the pharmaceutical industry around the globe. We have a meticulous quality control system in place at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to ensure that we produce reliable, high-quality pharmaceutical products.


Richwood is a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) that meets the global manufacturing standards. Based on many years of manufacturing experience and know-how, we produce pharmaceutical products that satisfies various types of demand from our business customers.

OEM/ODM Development Process
  • Product planning: Conduct market research, review demand, & identify the distribution channel structure
  • Item selection: Select overall product details including product characteristics, functionality, forms, content, price, packaging, etc.
  • Scope of consignment determination: Determine the scope of consignment manufacturing of the product
  • Consignment price agreement: Agree on unit prices based on the scope of consignment
  • Consignment manufacturing: Manufacture products based on the scope of consignment
  • Quality control: Perform a quality control inspection after product delivery
  • Delivery: Deliver the products to the location designated by the consignor
OEM items
Items available through an OEM agreement
  • Prescription & OTC drugs
    Fever & pain relief, anti-inflammatory drugs, hypotensive drugs, diabetes drugs, gastrointestinal drugs
Items currently manufactured under an OEM agreement
  • – Acetaminophen, Tramadol HCI
    – Pseudoephedrine, Ebastine
    – Limaprost a-cyclodextrin
    – Acetyl-L-carnitine HCI
    – Galantamine hydrobromide
    – Glimepiride, Metformin HCI
    – Tamsulosin HCI
    – Amlodipine besylate, Atorvastatin calcium
    – Adefovir dipivoxil
    – Olmesartan medoxomil
    – Olmesartan medoxomil, Hydrocholorothiazide
    – Pregabalin
    – Escitalopram oxalate
    – Artemisia Herb isopropanol soft extract (20→1)
    – Artemisia Herb 95% ethanol soft ext.(20→1)
    – potassium bismuth citrate,
    Ranitidine HCl, sucralfate – hydrate
ODM items
Items available through an ODM agreement
  • Prescription & OTC drugs
    Fever & pain relief, anti-inflammatory drugs, hypotensive drugs, diabetes drugs, gastrointestinal drugs
  • Bioequivalence, clinical medicines
    Drugs for bioequivalence tests or clinical tests
Items currently manufactured under an ODM agreement
  • – Acetaminophen, Tramadol HCI
    – Pseudoephedrine, Ebastine
    – Glimepiride, Metformin HCI
    – Tamsulosin HCI
    – Amlodipine besylate, Atorvastatin calcium
    – Levocetirizine HCI
    – Atenolol
    – Baclofen
    – Enalapril maleate
    – Escitalopram oxalate
    – Olmesartan medoxomil
    – Olmesartan medoxomil, Hydrochlorothiazide
    – Artemisia Herb 95% ethanol soft ext.(20→1)

Manufacturing Equipment

We have continuously invested in our manufacturing equipment to produce top quality pharmaceutical products with a wide range of dosage forms. We have various cutting edge equipment in operation including 3-layer tablet press.

Main manufacturing equipment
Multilayer Tablet Press
  • Equipment we have
    • Three-layer tablet press

      Three-layer tablet press

    • – Size: 36 stations
      – Capacity: 200,000 tablets/8 hrs
      – Multilayer tablet formulation
      – Automated weight control (AWC): computerized control enables precision tablet weight control

Fluid bed granulator
  • Info.
    GPCG (Glatt-Powder-Coater-Granulator): manufactured by German company GLATT

    – A machine that dries, granulates and coats powder particles using air to produce larger aggregate granules. By exchanging the containers, many processes can be completed at once.

    – Top, bottom and tangent spraying methods are used for different coating applications.

  • Equipment we have
    • GPCG 2

      GPCG 2

    • – Spraying method: Top, Bottom
      – Capacity: 250~5,000/g
      – Use: pre-production, precision manufacturing, formulation research
    • GPCG 60

      GPCG 60

    • – Spraying method: Top, Bottom
      – Capacity: 20,000~60,000/g
      – Use: actual production (granulation, pellet coating)
Granulation, mixing, agglomeration, drying
  • Equipment we have
    • Rotary tablet press

      Rotary tablet press

    • – Size: 36 stations
      – Special feature: Automated weight control (AWC)
    • High-speed mixer

      High-speed mixer

    • – Output: 45~130kg
      – High speed spinning, compound formulation and granulation using the agitator and chopper
    • Fluid-bed granulator

      Fluid-bed granulator

    • – Output: 130kg
      – Used for both drying and granulation as needed
    • U-shaped mixer

      U-shaped mixer

    • – Output: 120kg
      – Provides uniform agglomeration and a variable speed impeller
    • Double cone blender

      Double cone blender

    • – Output: 120~360kg
      – Used for large batch blending, easy cleaning
    • Wet granulator

      Wet granulator

    • – Output: 150kg/hr
      – Easy to form fine granules, speed freely changeable by inverter
    • Pan mixer

      Pan mixer

    • – Output: 15~40kg
      – Used for smaller batch mixing, rotates left or right
    • Freeze dryer

      Freeze dryer

    • – Size : 50kg
      – High-speed freezing with highly efficient drying
  • Equipment we have
    • Film coater

      Film coater

    • – Output: 130kg
      – Uniform coating with automatic mode settings
Sorting, packaging
  • Equipment we have
    • Sorter


    • – Output: 100,000 tablets/hr
      – 270 degree rotation, easily detect imperfections
    • Capsule feeder

      Capsule feeder

    • – Output: 40,000 capsules
    • Tablet counter

      Tablet counter

    • – Output: n/a
      – High accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules with a net weight calculation system
    • Four-side seal packaging machine

      Four-side seal packaging machine

    • – Output: 15,000/hr
      – High speed rotation with minimal feeding deviation
    • Automated PTP packaging machine

      Automated PTP packaging machine

    • – Output: n/a
      – Alu-Alue packaging
    • Flat-type PTP packaging machine

      Flat-type PTP packaging machine

    • – Output: n/a
      – Easy to disassemble and assemble with an outstanding packaging output

Botanical Material Business

We develop and supply high quality raw materials to the Korean market through strategic partnerships with highly capable botanical raw material manufacturers at home and abroad. Our business encompasses the entire process from extracting crude botanical drugs to licensing and producing finished products.

Botanical Material Development Process

We efficiently produce, manage and distribute crude botanical drugs (raw materials) through strategic partnerships with MFDS-approved crude drug extract companies overseas. Our specialized research team works rigorously to bring more effective botanical drugs to patients faster.

Material development
  • Raw materials identification from plant sources
Prior research
  • Reference research
  • Candidate plant selection
  • Fractionation and extraction
  • Bioactivity study
  • Effectiveness and mode of action study
  • Optimal compounding ratio selection
Preclinical studies
  • Extraction process study
  • Preclinical safety research
  • Single/multiple toxicity study
  • Genetic toxicity study
  • Formulation study
  • Fractionation of candidate plants
  • Fractionation of active ingredients
  • Profiling of active/index ingredients
Clinical Research
  • Investigational new drug application (IND)
  • Phase II and II studies
  • Medical efficacy study
  • Raw material/formulation safety study
  • Investigation of the efficacy/structure of active ingredients
  • Clinical sample production & stability study for formulations
  • Extraction process & formulation improvement
  • Research on production process & packaging
  • Origin of raw materials and supplier management
  • Standard raw materials management
  • Scale-up extraction process establishment
  • Ingredient profiling
  • Stability test for raw materials
  • Extracted material and product MV
  • Extraction and production process PV
  • Factory GMP management
  • GMP document preparation and review
Item Approval
  • New Drug Application (NDA)
  • Pre-due diligence
  • Pre-GMP due diligence and improvement
  • Approval and modification management

Botanical Drug Raw Material

  • raw_materials_lineup01

    Artemisia asiatica 95%
    ethanol extract

  • raw_materials_lineup02

    Artemisia herb isopropanol
    soft extract

  • raw_materials_lineup03

    Ginkgo leaf

  • raw_materials_lineup04

    myrtillus extract

  • raw_materials_lineup05

    Milk thistle

Areas of Service

Customized Service
  • Establish a pipeline from preceding research to approval
  • Provide complete service from preceding research (initial process of formulation development) to product approval(last process) or a selective process using our internal and external infrastructure
Affordable Service
  • Minimize the margins through the established pipeline
  • Supply various raw materials through an exclusive supply contract with raw material manufacturer Green Health
  • Reduce R&D overheads
Professional Service
  • Develop a research item, supply the raw materials, commercialize the item and apply for approval through partnering with companies specializing in each field
  • Provide in-depth compliance assistance for the KFDA regulations based on our experience on the revised botanical material permission guidelines
Reliable Service
  • Provide reliable supply of raw materials through bargaining power (purchasing at lower prices, bulk purchasing, contract farming possible)
  • Provide consistently high quality raw materials through an exclusive supply contract with raw material extraction companies
  • Provide fast delivery with in-stock inventory

Development of Finished Drug and
Health Functional Foods

We have expertise in regulatory affairs (RA) for pharmaceutical approval as well as a cutting edge manufacturing facility, a quality assurance system, and GMP management system. We can help customers launch new items with a simple consultation application for new approval.

We also have a wholesale network across the country through which we distribute and sell our prescription drugs, OTC drugs, health functional foods and other finished products to improve the health and quality of life for people in this country.

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Richwood ‘SUNMIN’

We launched our own health functional food brand “Sunmin” in 2003 to provide unmatched quality and efficacy to customers around the world. We have sponsored major sports team players. The Sunmin brand products are sold in major supermarkets, department stores, drug stores and online shopping malls.

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