Through research,
we will continue to build a future growth engine

About the R&D Center

After a long preparation, we opened the R&D center in Sept. 2014 within the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National Univ. which is the Mecca for pharmaceutical research. This is part of our effort to develop competitive products and actively respond to the changing market environment. The center will lead our R&D effort and is expected to create high value as we produce Incrementally Modified Drugs (IMDs), botanical drugs and new complex drugs.

We are dedicated to creating a better, healthier life for people. Through continued investment in R&D for pharmaceutical products and health functional food, we are building a unique driver of future growth.

  • Name
    Richwood Central Research Center
  • History
    Research center established as part of the factory in 2006
    Separated as Pangyo Central Research Center in 2011
    Expanded and moved to the New Drug Development Center location at Seoul National Univ. in 2014
  • Address
    Seoul National University New Drug Development Center, 1 Gwanakro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul
  • Research workforce
    Researchers specializing in various disciplines including pharmacy, botanical drugs, pharmaceutical formulation

R&D areas

At the R&D center, by closely aligning our research and development, we have supported the academic-industrial partnership to establish an extensive infrastructure. We are undertaking various R&D projects to develop high value-added items that can be commercialized.

Research Objectives
  • New drug development
    Focusing on the new drug pipeline, new botanical drug research is in progress with the goal of expanding it to the global market.
  • IMD development
    Research is in progress on a wide range of IMD dosage forms using special manufacturing equipment.
  • Generic drug development
    Research is in progress with the goal of developing the first generic version of a big brand-name drug.
Research Scope
  • Botanical raw material process research
    Crude botanical drug and process development research projects are currently undergoing by the research center to supply standardized botanical raw materials. DMF-level data has been collected.
  • Formulation research
    Pharmaceutical formulation and process improvement research projects are in progress to develop our own item and the CMO business.
  • Analytical research
    Analytical research is in progress for establishing standards and testing methods for raw materials and finished products.

R&D network

Since Richwood’s founding 40 years ago, coexistence and cooperation have been at the heart of our company. We have built a tight network with other pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and research institutes at home and abroad. With the opening of the Richwood R&D center in Seoul National University, we have been actively engaged in exchanging talent and resources and sharing knowledge to position our company at the center of the pharmaceutical R&D network that encompasses industry and academia.