Company History

We will continue to lead the new history
beyond the history of 40 years or more.

  • 1974

    Richwood Trading Company, Ltd. established
    Obtained an import permit (Type A) (Seoul, 740944)

  • 1980

    Entered into an agency agreement with NIKKOL for surfactant raw materials

    Sponsored the 1st Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1982

    Entered into an agency agreement with Shin-Etsu for coating machines and forming agent raw materials

  • 1983

    Sponsored the 2nd Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1986

    Sponsored the 3rd Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1988

    Sponsored the 4th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1989

    Obtained a pharmaceutical manufacturing permit (Ministry of Health and Welfare #348)

  • 1990

    Obtained an subdivision permit for pharmaceutical products (Ministry of Health and Welfare #60)

    Sponsored the 5th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1991

    Completed the pharmaceutical factory in the Hyangnam Pharmaceutical Industries Complex

  • 1992

    Obtained an import permit for pharmaceutical products (Ministry of Health and Welfare #348)

    Sponsored the 6th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1993

    The pharmaceutical factory designated as a KGMP business

  • 1994

    Sponsored the 7th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1996

    Obtained a food manufacturing & processing registration certificate

    Sponsored the 8th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 1998

    Sponsored the 9th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 2000

    Launched the health functional food brand “Sunmin”

    Sponsored the 10th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 2003

    Sponsored the 11th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 2004

    Obtained a health functional food manufacturing license

  • 2005

    Completed the factory expansion (dedicated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility)

    Designated as a GMP business for excellent health functional food

    Established the research center inside the factory

  • 2007

    Established a strategic alliance with GL Pharmtech Corp.

  • 2009

    Expanded the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

  • 2010

    Received the Gold Award at the “2010 Patented Technology Transfer – Success Story Presentation” (sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office)

  • 2011

    Entered into an MOU with Ningbo Green-Health Pharmaceutical Co.

    Selected as Hi Seoul Excellent Company Brand

    Expanded the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility (large production line, hormone drug production line, automated packaging line)

    Moved the Central Research Center to Pangyo, Gyeonggido

  • 2012

    Entered into an MOU with Dongsuh Bio-Pharm

    Launched the botanical raw material business

    Purchased a 5-Layer Table Press

  • 2013

    Entered into a technology license agreement with KIST

    Entered into a technology license agreement with Chung-Ang Univ.

    Sponsored the 12th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 2014

    Opened the Center for Drug Research and Development (within the New Drug Development Center at Seoul National Univ., College of Pharmacy)

    Entered into an MOU with Kyunghee Univ. for nurturing healthcare industry professionals

  • 2015

    Entered into an MOU on the next generation smart farm business with Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

    Sponsored the 13th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

  • 2016

    Certified as Youth-Friendly Hidden Champion selected by Ministry of Employment and Labor

  • 2017

    Sponsored the 14th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

    Received the commendation from Minister of Industry and Commerce of KOREA-JAPAN Industrial Technology Fair

    Opened the Pharmaceutical Sales Office

    Received the Prime Minister Commendation of “Seoul Medium-sized Company Convention”

  • 2018

    Certified ‘Youth-friendly Jiangsu Enterprise’ by Ministry of Employment and Labor

    Awarded a prize for Beautiful Baton touch by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    Awarded a prize for Excellence in Happy Small Business Management Award

    Certified ‘Leisure Friendly Company Certification’ by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

  • 2019

    Obtained Commendation for Proud Small and Medium Enterprise Businessman

    Certified INNO-BIZ by the Technological Innovation Type Small and Medium Business Administrations

    Sponsored the 15th Pharmaceutical Technology Seminar

    Obtained as ‘Excellent Work Innovation Company’ by Ministry of Employment and Labor