Business Summary

Trading and pharmaceuticals
are the focus areas of our business.

Richwood Trading Co. : Trading – Chemical/Cosmetic Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Imaging Optical, Food Ingredients | Pharm – Pharmaceutical Products OEM/ODM, New Botanical Drug development, Botanical Raw Material, Health Functional Food & Distribution


Trading has been the main business since Richwood’s history began in 1974.
We provide high value-added products including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and optical instruments to the Korean market. We are committed to maximizing the company value through diversification; We watch for new market trends and explore the potential next generation products to expand sales of high value-added products and supply of high-quality raw materials.


We manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical products based on our proprietary technology and know-how accumulated over 20 years. We have built an R&D network around our R&D center that is comprised of competent researchers at home and abroad. We have invested extensively in research and development of new drugs and health functional food as well as raw materials for botanical drugs (herbal drugs) and finished drugs to build a future growth engine and competitiveness that will enable us to proactively respond to the rapidly changing market landscape as a trend leader.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart